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Tanita BC-545N Segmental body composition monitor

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    Train Right EU with Tanita Medical Advisory The pure design facilitates real functionality. The scale includes an impendence meter and displays all the parameters of the body in detail. This multifunctional scale can analyse 10 body functions within 15 seconds. Then, the colour display elaborates on the results: it displays the body weight, the body mass, the water content, the muscle mass and the body mass index (BMI).

    In order to analyse the data the Tanita BC545N is equipped with the BIA technology (Bioelectrical Impedance Technology) with 8 electrodes. Those features are complemented by 5 recordings, repeating tests, a guest mode and an athlete mode.

    With the Body Composition Analyser you can accurately follow the actual development and progress of your body. The multifunctional scale furthermore helps you to optimize your personal workout/training and to develop new targets and objectives.


    • Athletic design
    • Guest mode
    • Weight
    • Percentage of moisture
    • Percentage of fat
    • Muscle mass
    • Resting metabolism
    • Healthy measures
    • Physical condition
    • Segmentation

    Technical Features:

    • Division 100 g
    • Weight 4 kg
    • Batteries (inclusive)
    • Plastic
    • Includes a multilingual manual (French, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portugese)

    FAQ: What is the difference between the Tanita BC601 and Tanita BC545N?

    • The Tanita BC601 includes a SD-card in order to transfer the results to your PC. The Tanita BC545N does not have the SD-card.
    • The Tanita BC601 and Tanita BC545N are different in design. The Tanita BC601 has round sensors and the Tanita BC545N has square ones. Tanita BC601 has a bigger display than the Tanita BC545N.

    N.B.: The Tanita BC545N scale is not intended for people who have an internal electronic device. The scale can influence the operation of such devices.